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Literacy Smarts


Literacy Smarts advocates for student-centred learning, where teachers act as guides on the journey of learning that includes student choice, focused assessment, differentiated curriculum, collaborative work, and higher-level thinking. Based on extensive classroom experience, the book argues that interactive whiteboards can create numerous possibilities for teaching and learning. It describes how interactive whiteboards can lead us into the future of learning -- interpreting, managing, exploring, and expanding our students' thinking and enabling authentic learning. It will enable teachers to help students grow as learners as they think, interact, and engage with a wide variety of texts across the content areas.

Inspiring Meaningful Learning


This remarkable book explores the essential steps for planning lessons that grab the attention of students and make them care about their learning, from activating prior knowledge and sparking curiosity; to focusing on content, skills, and inquiry; to reviewing work and finding students’ next steps. Built around the three key areas that are most important to meaningful learning — content, pedagogy, and building rapport with students — this practical book shows you how to make every lesson engaging, impactful, and even fun!

Ready Set Learn


Ready, Set, Learn focuses on the importance of encouraging students to set their own learning goals and persevere to achieve them. It illustrates ways in which every lesson can be an opportunity for students to develop the skills and strategies they need in order to learn. Along with organizers, prompts, and specific activities, this timely book presents new ways to plan lessons that explicitly teach key learning skills, including organization, collaboration, communication, independence, memory, and initiative. This remarkable book shows how incorporating learning strategies into everyday work will improve students achievement, and create responsible, independent learners.

Brenda's Articles and Reviews


Brenda has been published in The Reading Teacher, 59(3), Orbit Magazine (U of T) and has written extensively for Nelson Education's Inforead series.  She was a contributor to a variety of books for teachers, including Books, Media and the Internet: Children's Literature for Today's Classroom and Family Literacy Experiences: Creating Reading and Writing Opportunities that Support Classroom Learning.  

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Brenda's books have been positively reviewed by "Professionally Speaking", the magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers.