Thank you, Brenda, for an amazing time.  You have, without a doubt, influenced my perception surrounding special education and mental health, and because of you, I feel prepared and confident to be an educator who truly cares and wants to help all learners no matter the challenges we may face as a team.  Our time together was short but sweet, filled with knowledge, activities, strategies and discussion that will forever remain a part of my inner landscape.  

 -OISE MT Student, 2019

Our professional learning experience with you was beyond anything I could have hoped for.  I already see the changes in how my teachers approach their students, their planning and their willingness to see assessment as a precursor to good instruction, not just as a way to evaluate students.  Thank you and I hope you will find time to return to our school in the near future.  

-Private School Principal

Brenda, I felt I had to thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow and experience such an amazing time in my career.  I have learned so much from you, and have been to the "University of Brenda".

- Private school Vice Principal

You may not realize it, but you are not only an educator through outstanding pedagogy, knowledge of assessment and, of course, know all the best strategies to reach every kid, but you are an example to me as a mom, and as a person I want to emulate.  Thank you, Brenda.  

- Mentee

You are an outstanding professional - I continue to grow and learn from you with each and every encounter.  Your knowledge of literacy, instruction and assessment is unparalleled by anyone I have met in my career, and your passion and love for children is evident.  Your work with our school made an immense difference for staff and students. 

- Public School Principal